Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fell in the tub

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I went to take a bath today. Once the tub was full of water kitty climbed up on the edge to see what was going, and promptly fell in. This is the aftermath (this and a very wet bathroom floor).

kitty in a litterbox

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"Now I'm supposed to use this box for something. Is it for napping? Everything is for napping on... so it must be napping."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puzzle Kitty

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Hmm... where does this piece go? On the floor!
Kitty loves to help me do puzzles by playing in the box. She always manages to get the pieces out and I'll come into the room to find pieces scattered all over the room. This time she just sat in the box though.

Out the window

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I wonder what kitty could be looking at out the window. Maybe there's a buggie crawling on the steps. Or maybe she's watching the crazy kitty crack bugs again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

All prim and proper

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You've heard of women sitting properly with their ankles crossed. Well, apparently kitty got the memo and likes to lie with her paws crossed.

Thanks for the massage, kitty.

Currently Godiva is trying to burrow a tunnel into my leg... digging with both paws. I think perhaps she's trying to get underneath the box that's on my lap. Either that or she's concerned that there's sunshine shining directly at me and trying to bat it off of me. Hmm. Either way it's cute and since I clipped her claws yesterday it makes for a nice little massage. The picture here is with her two inches from my face.